Clearing Pathways Is Engaged In....

† Clearing important energetic sites around the world.

† Clearing old energies that are blocking the flow of divine energy to a person, a house, a property, a historical building, a location.

† Freeing souls that have become trapped in this world so they may continue their journey home.

† Bringing divine energy through all obstacles whether people or places.

† Bringing divine energy in and anchoring it on earth.

† Our team, in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, work with you either remotely or on-site to return your site to the original divine energy.

† Remote sessions require pictures to be sent in advance of phone/skype consultations.

† Clearings are done live during the consultation.



† Up to $300 USD per hour

† Energetic work can be accomplished during a remote session.

† Should you desire an in person visit, travel expenses are paid by the client and negotiated on a case by case basis.

† Commercial properties, Historical landmarks, Public facilities are negotiated on a case by case basis.

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